Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby is a dating elimination reality show. It’s “The Bachelor” meets “Millionaire Match Maker”, but with a significant twist that will temp the final participants with a last minute choice and enforce a mandatory confession that sets the stage for an unpredictable ending for the participants and the at home viewers.

The goal of this show is to take a single wealthy Bachelor who has achieved financial and probably professional success but hasn’t quite found their perfect life/love match. This show will offer them an opportunity to meet three possible companions in a 48 hours whirlwind speed date.


Three potential candidates will be pre-selected, screened, and matched as closely as possible with the Bachelor’s requirements in the hopes of finding true love. BUT, the candidates have an ulterior motive. Unbeknownst to the Bachelor, they all have a bill that needs to be paid! Our Bachelor will not find out until the end of the show and is completely oblivious to this sinister aspect of our candidates’ motives.

The show’s host, Adamo Palladino, will direct the timeline. He will be omnipresent yet will not interfere in what transpires. Ultimately Adamo will bring proceedings to an end and guide the Bachelor to his final decision.