My Foreign Affair

The show follows the lives of several bachelors, wives, ex-wives and couples, all of whom are the product of ‘mail order’ marriages

We follow bachelors whilst they search for a wife from far-flung Countries such as Russia, Romania, Ukraine, the Philippines and many others. We explore their lives and why they are searching for a wife in this way. What do they expect? Is love important?

The bachelors literally search through physical and online catalogues looking for a mail order bride, they use specialist dating agencies and introductions through friends who have found their own wife in this way.

Initial online courtships turn to physical dates with our bachelors traveling to their date’s home Country and then to marriage and our bachelor bringing their new bride back to the US with them as well as our bachelors flying to foreign countries to participate in pre-arranged mixer parties that we arrange and set up where they meet their potential future wives for the very first time.