Beverly Hills Moms

Focus is on several Beverly Hills moms and the different ways they parent their children amidst wealth and opportunity and sometimes celebrity; the show would have monthly mom meetings where issues are discussed and opinions of other moms in the group are given. Conflict arises due to the different parenting styles/philosophies, the different types of moms clashing.

Meet The Moms: the mothers are all “characters” with a distinct parenting style that becomes the mom’s nicknames/avatar-style. Some could include:

·      The Controller – a mom who controls every moment of her child’s life, her philosophy, “Every moment should be for learning, laughing or loving otherwise it is a moment wasted.”

·      The Chill – a  mom who is totally laid back, her philosophy is “kids are unpredictable so I just go with the flow.”

·      The Celebrity – a mom who has to manage celebrity along with being a plain old mom

·      The Siren – a mom who is musician and has to balance her singing persona with being a mom

·      The Swinger – a mom who is a typical mom by day, swinger by night

·      The Young One –  a mom who is very young and is growing up along with her kids

·      The Over The Top (OTT) – a mom who’s philosophy is “more is more” and uses wealth and excess to the extreme

The Hollywood Mother – pushes her child into the entertainment industry without regard for anything!